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One of the most noticeable style changes you can make on a car is getting the ride height right. The proper suspension setup truly sets the vehicles attitude and often improves overall performance. Whether you’re looking to tighten up your ride and give it more of an aggressive look and better handling or want to go with custom frame work and a full air setup to plop like a pancake in every parking lot, Bowtie Connection will work with you to make sure your baby gets what she needs. From show to go and everything in between, we have the experience to make sure your whip doesn’t just sit pretty – it’ll also ride right.

Looking for low? Check out some examples of our work.

  • Custom-made Suspension
  • custom suspension
  • Custom Suspension
  • Custom-interior
  • Custom Interior


The options are literally endless when it comes to interior design. Want to feel like you’re sitting in a 5-star hotel on top of the world while you’re sliding down the street? Not a problem. Trying to stay put while you’re putting the pedal down? Easy. Custom tops and headliners, updated dashes, full interior swaps, wood grain wheels, Bowtie Connection works with some of the best in the upholsters in the game, guaranteed to take your interior from typical to trophy winner.

*Cloth, tweed, leather, suede – you pick the fabric, we’ll get you laid.


With the endless selection available for practically any car, custom wheels are one of the most visually stunning ways to set your ride apart. It’s not always as simple as seems though. There are many things to consider from size to offset to tires. One of the biggest upsets in the world is seeing a nice car with wheels that just don’t fit right. Bowtie Connection has experience in all types from setups from tubing donks and muscle cars, to staggered, flush-mounted setups on foreign supercars. Wondering how the perfect set will change your look? Check out some of the whips got right.

  • Custom-wheel


Sometimes all it takes is a one-of-a-kind system to completely transform a car. At Bowtie Connection, we start with your vision and go from there. Some newer vehicles come with great components, but some of us aren’t satisfied with great – some of us need the best. Starting with an upgraded head unit and working our way to mids, highs, and of course, undeniable Miami bass. From installs that maintain a factory appearance to booty shaking, neck breaking setups that can be felt from a block away.

Take a look at a few custom audio systems we have put together.


We’ve all seen “that car” – a great classic that somebody cut corners restoring. The paint is wavy, it squeaks and rubs around corners, and the interior was ignored. Bowtie Connection understands that everybody is working with a different budget to restore their dream car. We’ll work with you to figure out the right approach for your restoration. Sometimes you have to tackle each part of the project separately and sometimes you get to it and pull the body off of the frame and bust it out all at once. No matter what your budget is, there is right way to approach to it. Do it once, do it right.

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